Remote Start Sequence With Lexus Keyfob

Using your Lexus remote start is as simple as pressing the lock button twice and then holding it down to start the engine. The feature can be used as far as 30 feet from the vehicle.

Another great feature when utilizing the remote start is having the climate control system on auto as it will quickly bring the vehicle to the desired temperature.  

This will help make the vehicle comfortable in either cold winter months or in the summer when having a nice cool car would be a relief to get into.

For a complete list of Lexus how-to videos you can view the library here.

You can also check out our posts on how to pair your bluetooth cellphone to your Lexus.

You can see all the features available in Lexus models by checking out the brochures.

If you have any suggestions on which types of features you’d like additional information on, please feel free to create a comment on this post and we’ll try to get a post up on the subject.

In addition, if you’ve found anything that would be of interest to Lexus owners please share it. We are trying to create a very useful resource for our customers and those who might be interested in learning more about all the benefits owning a Lexus brings to the table.

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  1. George Greenawalt says

    Thank you for this website. I misplaced my instructions on how to use my automatic starter. Now the weather is very cold and I could sure use it. Thank you George

  2. carla jordan says

    my dealer said if i buy a car remote at an outside dealer it could void my lease coverage has anyone done this

  3. Robert G. says

    I have the remote start feature on my HS250h. When starting the car using the remote fob the car starts fine but as soon as i open the door or hit the unlock button in the remote it shuts down immediately. Any idea what i’m doing wrong? Thanks.